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Out of the blue today (months after last contact) I got the following:

Dear Sir,

I come back to you about the problem you got about the SwissPen. You weren’t delivered. So please send me your bank detail and we will refund you on monday.

Thank you in advance

3d print team

Of course I’m not going to give a company that I don’t trust my bank details, especially since eBay has kindly told the world my home address and date of birth.  I’ve given them one of the email addresses associated with my PayPal account instead.  Since I paid via PayPal with a credit card I’m pretty sure it’s actually illegal for them to refund me through any other method anyway.


May 24th, 2014

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12 days since their last communication and I’ve finally got a response from swiss-3dprint and an apology.  I don’t know if the complaint to the ombudsman has triggered this or if they’ve only just got around to replying:


Sorry for the problem of email communication. So what we can do, do you want to receive this month the swissPen you ordered or do you want a refund ? We can send you for free additionnal filaments.

Again, sorry for this problem of organization and more.


Swiss 3dprint

So I’ve decided to give them one more final chance.  I’ve never been in a huge hurry to get this but the misleading emails and broken promises are at their limit now:


If the swissPen will be dispatched before the end of January 2014 then I still want to receive it.

I appreciate the apology but know I am agreeing trust you to deliver this month against my better judgement and this is the final time I will consider believing a delivery estimate from your company.  If my order has not dispatched by 31 January 2014 I expect a refund on February 1.

Gerard Krupa


January 14th, 2014

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