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I decided to buy one of these to use as a PC-on-a-stick since it has a generous 256GB(-ish) of space and USB3.0 high speed support for what seemed like a reasonable price of around £150 (discount of about £300 from RRP).  There are a few reviews knocking the reliability but it has a 5 year warranty (with Amazon taking responsibility for fulfilling it) so as long as I kept it backed periodically on my Windows Home Server box this seemed acceptable.

I’d started with a WD My Passport, moved on to a 120GB SSD in a 2.5″ caddy but wanted something smaller that I could pick up with my MacBook Pro without worrying about a cable getting yanked out.

I have to say I’m very disappointed.  Copying my (already 23GB) Parallels Windows 8.1 VM was actually very quick but that was the last time it impressed me.  Random-access speed on this drive is not remotely good enough to run a Windows VM.  It would hang for minutes at a time, controls would be unresponsive and when I finally gave up it took about 10 minutes to shut down.  Running on both the external HDD and USB3.0 SSD it was difficult to tell the difference from a SATA device.

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January 26th, 2014

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